Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still Blue While Piggy's In The Pink To Black and White Flitting

Thank You so much for your kind and caring words of support! I am beginning to recognize bits of pink glow trying to surface the present pallor of my being, though the pink in the little piggy who stayed home . . . the swine that flew into me . . .  is still holding camp. Horrid little bug . . . but one must admire it's tenacity. Winter is dumping heavy wet snow upon us just now . . . the picture of snow above is from January . . . just imagine triple and more that amount and you will have our present black and white landscape. Evergreen boughs are weighted down and all the naked tree and shrub limbs are filled with voluminous clouds of snow blossoms. This is a dangerous sort of snow and we could lose power. Trees and shrubs are bent and could break . . . The sweet Bluebird and Chickadee photos were shot during the bird count. (I wonder if anyone can guess the background in the Bluebird photo. Why it looks so out of place?) I have hardly held my camera in over a week. I will be visiting your worlds a bit more each day . . . there is much to catch up on. I look forward to all the beauty and magic I shall find. I am so thankful for this community of gardeners, who add hope and beauty to our world. 
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