Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joyous Fritillary Flutter And Others Fly For Beautiful Bountiful Buddleia

Our beautiful, beguiling Butterfly Bushes are aptly named. 

Perfectly plump panicles stretch out to cut a fine fragrant figure in any garden.

Alluring to gardeners and fanciful fluttering friends alike. Here we find a Tiger Swallowtail and Aphrodite happily sharing rich and syrupy nectar. Their varicolored wings become as ornaments upon the leggy bush.

A male Black Swallowtail delights in dipping for treats within a purple misting of sepals, petals or tepals

 While drinking . . .  our flutterby friends are pollinating and tentatively tickling  . . .  towards the fulfillment of bountiful Buddleia's seasonal life. 

 Like a fresh flower in full bloom he unfolds his brightly patterned wings into a thrilling tapestry. 

Gently stepping over each delicate floret, he dances with our blushing Buddleia . . . a daring delicious duet.

After a courteous clipping of spent blossoms, a colorful community of butterflies gather to indulge in new side blooms. Now we see the full side view of the male Black Swallowtail below a glowing Aphrodite.

No fuss or friction found here . . . 

for Buddleia is generous with her finely crafted flowerets. Hundreds of tiny, red-drenched, sweetly- scented wells bedeck each crisp cluster with abundant ambrosia for all. Aphrodite Fritillary frequently flock here and easily find the nectar ways. 

Aphrodite equal in dashing design may easily play solo . . .  a duo . . . 

or a trio with her kind. 

A magnificent, solitary Monarch complements Buddleia and partakes.

Steadfastly sipping sugary supper, to strengthen and fortify his graceful floating flight. This brave, bodacious butterfly is a master in the art of soaring . . .  when he enters the garden he glides like no other mariposa. His wings remind one of startling stained glass, when the sun falls through his many scales neatly stacked like shingles . . .  and he happens to be between the viewer and our golden orb of life light. Why "he" do you ask . . . note the small black sac or pouch on the bottom 'hindwing' the third full vein over from the flower. His veins are also thinner than those of the females. What a handsome hardy fellow. 

Here we have a flighty day flutterer of a fascinating form. For further study of Hemaris thysbe click here.

A Hummingbird Moth hovers and hums with joyous spirit, before the plentiful blooms.

Looking closely you might think someone who fly-fishes has been at work here . . . 

Purpleness seen through transparent whirling wings attracts all sorts of marvelous things.

Uniquely giving and entertaining beautiful Buddleia is the best! Oh, we are so blessed we who are able to mark our days and months by what blooms in our gardens. None give me more pleasure . . .  and my little friends . . . than my Buddleia davidi . . . my beloved 'Black Knight'.

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