Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birds in Review Part XVIII 'A Bird Parade'

Bohemian Waxwings

The Great Backyard Bird Count continues through tomorrow. Yesterday we had horrific winds and every respectable bird was hidden somewhere safe. Today was bright and without
the howling Boreas or north winds, I  did count many Cedar
 Waxwings and Robins in the Crabapple Orchard.

Cedar Waxwings

Above is a portrait of a Robin singing in the Spring . . .  then another below seemingly of a surly disposition. 

Perhaps his scowling expression has more to do with defending his nesting area, for I was close to the Apple tree where later a nest was built. I do think the light paints both of these photographs with a drop of magic. 

I have not seen the Cardinals in many days, for last summer's drought prevented the Rosa rugosa from producing many rose hips. 

This will be interesting for the bird count, for they are usually here every day during the winter months. It will show from my last years list that they are missing.

I have seen two pairs of Chickadees however.

I love this spring shot showing a male singing his tiny heart out. 

I have counted two Titmice! These images from last year are to me very dear.

The image above and below were taken today. Those little black dotted eyes look towards me, as if to say . . . Well what do you have for me please? 

The Bluebirds checked in today, as well, and I can add five to my list so far. 

This is the first posting of my 'Bird Parade' . . .  a list in images of the birds photographed here in my wildlife habitat and gardens over the last two years. I am digging through my archives to line them all up in a colorful procession.

The processions of night and day . . . moon and sun . . .  continue across the sky above Flower Hill Farm. February full moon is seen here rising over Carey Hill. I long to paint a sky so beautiful. 

Next morning sunrise, painting a rose gouache wash above the Mount Holyoke Range.

A welcome spell of warmer days did eat the winter cake, not leaving a snow crumb behind. I cannot be certain another cake will not be created, before this winter is through with us. 
My bird parade will take me back into spring, summer and fall which will help brighten the coming chilling cold days. 
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