Friday, November 18, 2011

Sketches of Days Past Remembering and Wishing

As Autumn stretches 
towards winters frozen hold 
the mind dwells in light

Bluebirds remain here
throughout the coming darkness
golden portals sigh

passing through the hue
into lighter times of warmth
imagine color

the earth inhales life
seeds fall away promising

Stepping through the portal of light I wish I might hold the peace of the ocean sounds in my heart and grow stronger from that calmness. Returning to my gardens I am glad to see the snow has melted away  but so too is the color . . . gone . . . and for that I am sorry. Now we move into the darker times and must find light within. I wish for bluebirds finding comfort about the gardens . . .  with me  . . . adding blue when gray is all about. Here and in the larger world I wish that light might touch all hearts and minds and lead towards peace and justice.

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