Friday, February 10, 2012

Flower Hill Farm BUTTERFLIES 2011 ~ Eastern Tiger Swallowtails ~ Part Two

Tiger Swallowtail butterfly sipping Miss Kim Lilac blooms

For Part Two of Eastern Tiger Swallowtails Papilio glaucus, we find the tiger-striped butterflies swimming in purples, yellows and greens instead of in the pink as seen in my last post. 

St. Valentine surely might smile over these Tiger Swallowtail lovers flying and swirling about high into the sky beneath the robust Rock Maples. 

A perfect female Tiger Swallowtail. Note the blue markings . . . which make me believe it female

Frolicking about in Fields

I believe this to be a male Tiger Swallowtail

Female Drinking Comfrey Nectar

Each May and the early part of June, when the Korean lilacs and wildflowers bloom, I delight in the appearance of Tiger Swallowtail butterflies. Their animated beauty add a touch of magic to the fields and shrubberies. The way their beautiful wings catch the light is mesmerizing . . . akin to stained glass windows. 
Tiger Swallowtails do not have an easy time here with all the birds, especially Catbirds, who are raising their young. Alas! It seems the striking Swallowtails often become a sumptuous supper for them. I often see the butterflies flitting about with tatter gowns and sadly find mosaics of wings on the ground. I know it is just the food chain, but I do so feel for these lovely creatures too and just wish they were not so tempting, for there is plenty of other food about. It sounds silly but I do try reasoning with the Catbirds . . . but they never yield. Of course there is no reason to my argument . . . except my love of the butterflies.

Sending some Sweethearts to Sweden for Katarina

Next time my butterfly review of 2011 will feature the Fritillaries. 

This Saturday, my monthly post on Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens will feature the Bobcat as the third beast in my Flower Hill Farm Bestiary. My encounter will be retold with a new and surprising ingredient. Hope you can check it out!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

It's been waaaaaaay too long since I've visited you, dear. Your post has started my day off with a smile. I've missed being here, missed blogging and will be back more often. I'm coming back alive! XO

Bernie H said...

Your photos are simply magnificent. I could sit and view them all night long! Great pair of posts.

Commonweeder said...

The sun is shining here today - but I slid across the ice on the lawn to get to the pussy willow. Your photographs always give me heart.

Pia Gustafsson said...

Great photos and wonderfully butterflyes.Hope you have a nice day! /Pia

Gunilla said...

Wow, stunning photos of beautful butterflies.
The last photo is magnificent.

Have a great weekend

FlowerLady said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos!!! What a delight this must be to see in person. You are blessed.

Thank you ~ FlowerLady

Lisa said...

That was a very beautiful butterfly and your photos are stunning, as always !
Have a nice weekend !
Lisa/Lisas trädgård

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Wow Carol, I am always astounded at the beauty of your postings. Well, not just the beauty but the gentle way your words and photos educate others. Lovely.

I will check in on Saturday for information on the bobcat, which is such a wonderful critter.



Anette said...

Enjoyed your lovely photoes, as always.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Carol, I guess this is a P.S. to my comment

Yes, my illustrations are for the children's first bird book that I am just finishing (after two years of work). It will be released in October 2012.



Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hiya Carol

I love Swallowtails, we have them here too, they're sometimes known as sail butterflies. The new bit of garden I'm putting together will need to provide butterfly 'nectar'. I can watch 'em all day from the terrace. I reckon I'll need to put in a few umbellifers of one sort or another, usually does the trick. Roll on Summer (well, spring first), temperature went down to minus 17 C here two nights ago, too cold for SW France.

sandy said...

The bright sun we have been having, and your photos are making me wish spring was next week!

Randy Emmitt said...


Loved seeing these a lot of real good ones. The Miss Kim Lilac I did a gret job of killing it here in our garden.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful photos as always! You must be starting to look forward signs of life in your garden again.

Have a good weekend,

Gillian Olson said...

Beautiful and dainty dancing through the air from flower to flower.

sweetbay said...

Oh I love the Swallowtails among the Lilacs. How gorgeous!

Merja said...

Wonderful pictures!!
Have a nice weekend!

ruma said...

Dear, Carol.

 Lovely your works, full of JOY.

 I am enlightened by your splendid works.
 Thank you for showing your heartwarming world.

 The prayer for all peace.
Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Carol, I now know how to identify the female by her blue markings. Thank you. P. x

Carol said...

Dear Deb, Thank you for visiting and for sharing! I too have been absent from visiting others . . . so I understand. I hope you continue to grow stronger.

Carol said...

Thank you for these kind words Bernie! I am so glad you enjoyed the butterflies.

Carol said...

Thank you Pat! I do hope you are not too bruised! It is a tricky time of year with the freezing and thawing. Take care.

Carol said...

Thank you Pia!

Carol said...

Kara Gunilla, Thank you so much for your generous words!

Carol said...

Dear Flower Lady, Thank you so! It is delightful to see these light filled creatures dancing about and I do feel blessed. ;>)

Carol said...

Kara Lisa, Thank you so for sharing!

Carol said...

Oh Sharon, Thank you . . . your words do touch me so!

Carol said...

Salut Rob! Oh, I am so sorry it is so cold there! Thanks for sharing!

Glädjekällan said...

Hello Carol
Wonderful photos. They realy show your love.

Anja said...

Kära Carol
It is so lovely to see these butterflies flying around a summer meadow! Lovely shots!

Carol. I wondered how to do best: answer questions in your own blog or answer a questioners (self-made-word;)))!) blog.
I also think it might be nice to get noticed with a Welcome to new followers.

What sweet of you to join also my other blog.

Kram, Anja

Sarah Laurence said...

I don't know what I'm looking forward to more: butterflies or lilacs and you gave us both.

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