Friday, February 17, 2012

Flower Hill Farm BUTTERFLIES OF 2011 ~ Favorite Fritillaries Part Two ~ Surprise Ending!

Flower Hill Farm's Fritillary parade ends with Great Spangled Fritillaries dipping into purple petals. Buddleia Black Knight, considered a noxious weed by many, barely survives in my northern garden. It is a magnet for butterflies, thus its common name of Butterfly bush. The complimentary colors are very striking enhancing the longwing butterflies beauty. 

There are many old-fashioned ideas and ways of being that I aspire to. I do not, however, care for the old-fashion nets that people take out into nature to capture butterflies. I rather like the way we capture butterflies in our photos and let them live out their lives in the gardens. Studying a creature while it is animated and alive is a far better way to observe and understand its life. Collections of dry, brittle and lifeless butterflies with pins stuck through them is one old-fashioned collection I can do without.

Ironweed is another favorite for butterflies and this Great Spangled Fritillary takes advantage of the nectar hidden within the last tiny florets.
Do you ever wonder what became of the fifth and sixth legs of some butterflies? If you look closely you can see one of those tiny legs next to the spotted eye of this fritillary. I am not as familiar with these as I am with monarchs, who use those tiny legs to prick and taste milkweed for freshness. Some scientist believe butterflies are evolving to have only four legs. I think those tiny legs come in pretty handy to aid in balance and . . . well we will see what time tells.

Back in a mostly drab color time . . . 
Purple sunrise skies are still a treat many a chilly morning. 
Yesterday, winter gave me a particular surprise! 
White . . .  like the snow falling outside right now . . .  and orange tones similar to the Fritillary butterflies appears on a familiar bird. But something is off? 

A sneak peek at a bird post coming up soon. 
Can you identify this bird? 
Meanwhile it is Friday and time again to fly away to Sweden to visit Katarina and join in on the old-fashion prompt. 

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