Friday, August 31, 2012

Question Marks and Commas ~ Pausing to Ponder

A Question Mark butterfly, Polygonia interrogations takes a brief break from fluttering
 on suspended leafy greens giving this Lepidoptera devotee pause to ponder
 . . . is it indeed a Question Mark or an Eastern Comma? 
Being a writer who has a difficult time with commas
 . . . and after studying images over at the Massachusetts Butterfly Club's fabulous website
 . . . I have decided to go with the Question Mark butterfly. 

There may be questions floating about as to why this author has not been posting regularly of late.
I am pausing more between publishing but hope to be back on a routine schedule soon.
A life cycle takes time . . . and I am still busy working on the Monarch Metamorphosis to share. 
Coming soon. 
Flower Hill Farm gardens and fields are aflutter with painted wings
 . . . Brushfoots, Fritillaries, Wood Nymphs, Milkweed butterflies and more. 
Migration is in the air along with the full blue moon. 

 Special best wishes to our hard working teachers heading back to school
 . . . with much gratitude for your service in helping to educate our youth
 . . . the future leaders of our world. 
May they show more promise than what we sadly see in most of our leaders today. 

While we are on the subject of questions 
. . . let's all remember to question authority and actively engage in the process of government
 . . . and I am not writing about just voting.
We are teetering on a precipice.  
Happy September All. 

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