Wednesday, May 29, 2013

'Three Graces' Crabapples in Middle Garden

We are now in the last week of May, as I step back into the second week of May redressing our 'Three Graces' Crabapples and early Viburnum carlesii with fresh blooms. 

The limbs of the 'Three Graces' (to the left) hold three different varieties of blossoms.

Stepping away from the 'Three Graces' the distant cloud of sweet-scented crabapple blooms from the Crabapple Orchard offer quite a show.

The 'Three Graces' Crabapples looking towards the east. 

Looking out from the barn studio facing south as the sun sets in the west leaving only a sliver of light on the southeastern hills and the Mount Holyoke Range. The Bluebirds are busy bringing insects to their hatchlings in the nestbox. The 'Three Graces' are to the left, while the 'Gateway' Apples reach into view on the right.

Light transforms the landscape.

All is awash in fresh morning light from the barn studio looking over the 'Three Graces' canopy towards our beloved Black Cherry ('Michael's Tree') and a stately Oak before Walnut Hill.

Standing out in the north field looking up at the middle garden. 

The 'Three Graces' Crabapples as seen from the north.

 I often wonder how the wildlife here see this amazing time, when the gardens are nearly ablaze in color and fragrance. I know they love the many insects that are attracted to the riot of flowers, but how do they see or sense it all as they fly over the trees and shrubs and through the many blooming branches, building their nests and gleaning insects.
Now, the thousands of blooms are faded and small apples are forming that will feed many birds later in the year. Lilac time is up next.

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