Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tree Swallows Nesting In South Field

The southern Tree Swallows were just finishing their nest when I took these photos a week ago... I was able to hobble out for the first time since a knee injury and was lucky to see this ritual. The north field Swallows had been settled for sometime... not quite sure why these southern birds took so long but perhaps due to a change in boxes, for they had originally chosen the bird house nearest the Weeping Cherry tree. All seems well in the bird nesting world here at Flower Hill Farm and so far no sign of the horrid House Wren, who was a terrorist in the garden last year. I am happy if my diligence in discouraging them paid off. The Swallows are so lovely in flight and extremely helpful in scooping up biting bugs. I have become very fond of them over the years and they seem very tolerant and trusting of me.

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