Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weaving and Vining Nests and Wisteria

My tree wisteria colonnade was so lovely for many years. Over the last few it has been moving towards its vine consciousness and since its lazy gardener did not install strong supports it is succeeding and not able to make the transition from tree to vine very well, so it is alas dying off and leaving behind new young plants... of course there are new young plants everywhere with wisteria! One must be vigilant! As the wisteria vines around the garden the Baltimore Oriole is busy shredding fibers from twigs laying about the flower beds and weaving her pouch of a nest. The male will sing out and watch over the nest and his mate while she works sometimes upside down to find just the right strips of fiber... her nest is lovely in the light and enticing to another unknown bird who seems intrigued with her handiwork... the male Oriole tries out the nest too from time to time. His lovely mate is very good at her headstands and to think she can weave at the same time!

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