Monday, June 22, 2009

Bluebirds Fledging Blue Hosta Flowering

In past summers I have always missed seeing the baby Blue Birds fledge. About a week ago, I was so happy to see at least the last baby sort of 'fly' from the bird house. At one point I was very close taking the little one's portrait, then I did move far away and he or she went fluttering not really flying yet... off in the direction of its parent's call. A few rainy days went by and I suddenly heard the parents sweet cooing calls and sighted a baby sitting high up in the Native Black Cherry. The little guy was like a fluff ball and so cooperatively turned around for its portrait, then began eyeing the ground the way the parents do. Soon after I saw two babies on a large rock in the north field and was able to get these shots from rather far away. In these photos the dynamic of the relationships between siblings and parent is apparent. Pun completely, sillily intended! The little male bird seems a bit miffed with his sister for taking all the food his mommy had to offer. They sure do have a contest of jumping up and down and winging for attention. Wow! The parents do have to work very hard to feed their young and then the parent Blue Birds will build another nest and raise a new brood. Hopefully here in the gardens. What is a mystery to me is how the Baltimore Orioles could have fledged at the same time when the Blue Birds had such an earlier start. A question to add to my list for research! You might recall the earlier posts where the Blue Bird was building her nest and the later post of the Baltimore Oriole doing the same. Maybe the Orioles are better hunters or are not as particular to the diet for their young. Happy Solstice to All ... now that summer is officially here I hope for warmer drier weather... though I know many of you would love our cooler moderately wet environment compared to 90's, monsoons and high humidity.

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