Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Anniversary of Blooming Friday! Smith College Chrysanthemum Show

It is the first anniversary of Katriana's Blooming Friday! I am offering a tour of the Smith College Chrysanthemum Show on display inside the Lyman Plant House. Some of you have been wanting to see inside the plant house and here you go but in only two rooms. I will show you more on another post. I must confess to not being very fond of most Chrysanthemums, but this show does paint quite a colorful picture with varieties I have never seen. Some were absolutely lovely. I am also fascinated by their history and importance in other cultures especially the Japanese. The roses outside the plant house are for you Katarina ... in gratitude for your one year old creation. To see other blooms the world over go to Katarina's Roses and Stuff. Happy Anniversary!
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