Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Smith College Mostly Orange Focus

I am taking you all back to visit Smith College Botanical Gardens this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I love the contrast of the pink rose with the orange weeping Japanese Maple in the background. These pictures were taken the first week of November on a lovely sunny day. I do not know the name of the tree above the maple, but its leaves are striking with the maples different form, texture and value of orange.

The flames of orange sprays are vibrant next to the blue dwarf spruce and the green of the grass.

The purple asters too glow in the complimentary orange background wash of the Japanese Maple.

Smith's Botanical Gardens also offer a stunning rock garden ... here gentians are still blooming.

Lovely Autumn Crocus join in with their purple tones and dainty reaching stems... rather poetically.
To see other blooms from around the world visit Carol's May Dreams Gardens.
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