Monday, January 25, 2010


The first color on the outer edge of a RAINBOW is Primary RED!

     REFRACTIONS of RAINDROPS . . . BENT WHITE LIGHT . . .  SEVEN unique hues depending on their wavelengths. Is that not a marvel?! Arcs of magical light . . . sometimes circles! Here I play with pigments and ephemeral light.

Second and Secondary ORANGE! Blending red with yellow.

YELLOW! Primary...

Secondary GREEN!

It is always good to sit and enjoy a rainbow while it lasts. The rainbows might have come after we hurriedly put everything away! LOL! I always feel lucky to see a rainbow, even if a garden luncheon is temporarily washed out. When the sun is behind us and rain falls in front of where we sit or stand, it appears magical how the sunlight glides through drops of water bending and dividing into a band of seven colors. A RAINBOW! A SPECTRUM! Here we mix YELLOW and BLUE to give birth to GREEN!
BLUE a primary too!

Why do distant mountains appear blue? Wavelengths play a role here too.


VIOLET! The inner ring of the RAINBOW.

All the COLORS of a RAINBOW are found here.

A Double RAINBOW! Note the COLORS are reversed in the outer rainbow!

In the row below you see the usual line up of the colors in a rainbow.

When I read Liisa's Rainbow post . . . which was inspired by Rebecca's 'Rainbow Invitation' . . . I thought it a lovely idea and decided to join in on the colorful posts. Thanks Liisa and Rebecca for inspiring me! I have had fun playing with these colors of the Rainbow and hope I have not burdened you with too many images! May you have many Rainbows in your lives! May the timing be right . . . so that you can stay with them until they fade away. To learn more about Rainbows you can visit wiki. Lastly here is another post I did on Rainbows with some of the images you see above.

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