Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wolf Moon Sails From Month to Month Musings of Winter

Fresh beginnings looking both ways,
Janus leads first night into day.
Darkest December's blue 'Long Night Moon' 
sails into January's breath of etchings. 
Frosty forest landscapes unwelcoming
bitter cold, seeping into cracks grasping
hidden life, caught between dusk and dawn.
Vibrant sun paintings stretch and yawn.
Joyous light fades into tiresome clouds of gray. 
Now departing Janus, glances forward
casting wild full 'Wolf Moon' charcoal marks,
leaping across canvases of titanium white.
Bright shadowy bone chilling nights,
a long dark month of winter past.
Still and patient gardens sleep fast.

What a wondrous Wolf moon we had! The frost etchings on the windows are winter made... I do not heat the upstairs when there are no guests here. The amazing images of winter's breath is due in part to a minus 12 wind chill! The photos are backlit by the moon giving them the cool blue tones. No matter how often I see frost drawings I am amazed at their intricacy and plant like forms. I am joining CarolynGail over at SweetHomeandGardenChicago for Muse Day. I humbly offer my own little free form verse. 
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