Friday, March 5, 2010

Marching Into Change Remembrance of Seasonal Bliss

There is never a question as to why . . .  days merely move into night as moons wax and wane.
Snowstorms pass by, linger and gently pile perfectly etched ice crystals . . .  six pointed star petal-flakes  fill the naked chalices of branchlets. 
As it falls I recall luminous colors of spring, summer and fall.
All through the night and into the morning light . . . 
Clouds of heavy snow-petals become unwanted chattel, as branches and limbs give way and are splayed.
Shrubberies bow down under an oppressive Snow Queen. Now native serpentine Black Cherry is seen where before hidden behind a ten foot tall screen.
Snow blossoms of Weeping Crabapple and Viburnum bring to mind spring's mantle of white perfumed bouquets. 
Imagination can fill a cold white landscape with vibrant life and warm color.
Refreshing with changing seasons.
Change is always our escort morphing within and in all directions around us. 
Snow melts revealing supple naked limbs . . .  and alas . . .  others that were not so yielding. 
The lavender lilacs will not be so plentiful come spring for nature has changed . . . has pruned them to her fancy . . . by chance . . . an ongoing change of things.
Landscapes filled with layers of cold white pillows in time give way to lush hues that lull the psyche in green . . . here we are invited to dream.
Girls change into fully blossomed young women, who grow into the world and Barrister for the better.
Seasons change colors where a person can have a change of heart. A bright day changes into a dark cloak of night . . . while some life is active through every hour of light . . . others wait for the curtain to fall before taking flight. We cannot swim in the same mood twice . . . remaining soft our hearts may float through any challenge . . . knowing truth is seen by many eyes that hold their own true. To discern with compassion we march into understanding instead of shattered loss. Petals fall but reveal hidden life wherein folded petals are held within folded petals infinitas. A sickness of mind, heart and body will morph into renewal from cleansing and rest . . .  blossoming into fresh liveliness. How I long for it! I know that change is coming . . . that March is the escort of Spring and all will become lively again. Visit Katarina's to see other blooming life around the globe.
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