Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break for Health and Harmony

Filigree of Star (Magnolia stellata)

Sensual flowing waves of soft risings of earth . . . like undulations of skin are the body of this land . . . it lay across from a hillside gently cutting it's Oak, Hemlock and Pine crested curves into the sky. Between here and there a waking forest climbs upslope towards each measured rise from a singing, rushing, overfull river below. Yesterday's last light hints at the golden fields and lay of  the land all clean cut . . .  revealing it's lovely form. Stirrings tingle and tickle along it's surface and beneath, as they near piercing through the mantle and long to grow towards the light. Standing outside just at dusk . . .  I imagine the sounds to come of freshly emerging blades of ghostly growth tossing aside fallen decaying leaves . . . straightaway reaching up asserting their youthful verdurous vigor. 

Today Flower Hill Farm is soggy. . . rain has been pounding hard and the wind is whipping and shaking all the trees. Shivering snowdrops and swelling buds may not mind the raw chill and wet of yesterday, today and the promise of more for tomorrow. I cannot go out in any case . . . so I do not mind all the wet . . .  but imagine all the good it is doing for the trees and shrubberies.  Later in the week the forecast is for a heat wave of nearly 80! It will not last long. I hope this invasive creature in my chest will not stay for much longer either. I have to take a break from my computer so that I can truly heal, for I am in relapse and must obey doctor's orders! Both the real and virtual garden will have to wait and I hope you will too. Please do not forget me. I hope to be back sharing my gardens and wildlife . . .  as well as visiting your worlds . . . very soon. I shall miss you! Happy Passover and Easter to everyone. 

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