Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers Us With Life!

One of the beauties of April showers is the light that filters through the blanket of clouds . . .  like beams from towers, they illuminate the valley and millions of trees upon Mount Tom, usurping the bounty of liquid to their thirst of rapid growth. 
The gardens expand into green and the various colors of their promised blossoms!
Naked limbs don virtuous verdant cloth of leaves. They become fuller each day.
Lilacs continue to swell.
The new covers the past fruits still giving, as the male Cardinal continues to feast on rose hips. A good idea to leave those dried up casings for our feathered friends.
Song Sparrows prefer the tip tops of Tree Lilac to sing out to Spring!
While the Hermit Thrush returns and combs the ground for insects. I have yet to hear their melodic trill.

The Tree Swallows seem content . . . he preens, while she looks things over.
These birds will not sit still too long, for they are lovers of flight . . . their dance of wing fills the sky.
They will come back to clarify and claim their space and home. New birds and songs fill the gardens . . . more each day. It is a workout for the brain to place the song with the bird and I never tire of trying. I long to fly with them in their joy to create new life!  I am now content to slowly move along with garden chores . . . nothings waits . . . every living thing moves towards it's purpose.
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