Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Buds and Birds A Silent Slow Walk About

Looking East

My Stick Garden . . . Looking South East

Wild Turkey Visitor

Viburnum Carlesii

Star Magnolias and Prunus just beginning

Looking under the Apple tree towards the Magnolia.

South field more alive since last post.

Weeping Cherry steals the show. 

A convalescent room.


Tree Swallows on the Bluebird's house!

Ruby-crowned Kinglet returns! In amongst the Viburnum buds.

This little Phoebe is hidden in the Viburnum too.

I keep telling myself . . . patience! It is all more than I can do. I am so glad for having great help and beauty all around me!! I will continue sharing images with you and try to visit a few gardens each day. I hope you are all having a wondrous Spring! Thank you for your kindness and understanding.  Please do not feel you have to leave comments, as I am unable to reciprocate right now. I will go visit, look and 'pick' . . .  but for now that is all I can muster. There is a great amount of work going on here at the farm. The Red Fox that just slipped by is happy for the opening of fields and the perennials, trees and shrubs will enjoy the chocolate side dressing when we get some rain. It is hard for me to 'direct' only and I do overdoooooo it somewhat ... then to the hammock under the Weeping Cherry to watch the blossoms, clouds and migrating buteos high in the sky. I do so feel for people who are ill and in horrid conditions as well . . . those in war zones, natural disaster areas, homeless or just with no beauty around them. I feel so lucky to have my gardens and the magical wildlife that visit me here.  
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