Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walking South Into Upper and Middle May Gardens.

My wonder Magnolia.

Looking in towards the Upper Garden . . . Viburnums

Upper garden Viburnums and French Lilacs.
From inside the upper garden looking out towards the east and Walnut Hill.

Upper garden facade looking north and east.

Middle garden . . .
Lilacs from Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Fothergilla gardeni, and Apples.

Looking north.
Looking east . . . Apple we pruned in March . . . needs a bit more.
Looking up from the lower garden.
Looking east from the south field.
I like to think of this view of the Apple as rather 'bonsai-like' just above the abandoned (sigh . . . ) rock garden.
Below the lower garden into the Blueberry fields . . . due east.
Under an old Apple tree looking over towards the north garden . . .
Walking back into the barn studio.

Yummy French Lilacs just outside wafting in towards me!

View of the north garden in February as seen from my barn studio.
A few days ago!

Today I am guiding you towards the south and into the upper and middle gardens, where Lilacs, Viburnums, Apples and my true queen of a Magnolia . . .  that seems to bloom for months . . .  reign. I hope you enjoy the walk without much talk. These photos were all taken a few days ago on a very hot and hazy day . . . all except , of course, the heavy snow shot from this winter past. The complete view of the Black Cherry . . . is stunning with all the ten foot and more shrubberies weighted over to the ground. I had no idea how they might survive but thrive they did . . . if only my limbs could be that limber! The little Phoebe enjoys flitting in and out of their lushness. 
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