Monday, May 16, 2011

Gardening For Wildlife A New Blog and A New Bird In Apple Blossoms


An Apple Blossom Gateway into the Blueberry Field offers delicious fragrance and nectar for birds and bees. 

This little male Ruby-throated Hummingbird showed up earlier this year than ever before. He arrived on May 5th!

Looking west through the Apple gateway up towards the house, gardens  and Rock Maples

While the Hummers sip nectar the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker maintains his Apple sap holes along the trunk. 

He's off to the Crabapple Orchard!

Apple and Rock Maple trees at the edge of the North Garden just outside of the Crabapple Orchard

Looks like this will be a great apple year for this older tree 

 A male Northern Parula visits the North Garden Apple tree . . . my first sighting! 

The Northern Parula has the perfect bill for opening buds.

What a clever bird! He will help me have pest free apples.

Flower Hill Farm is intoxicating right now . . . even with all the rain. I will be posting simple photo posts over the next few days, so you can see what is happening.  

I would like to share a new blog with you all. Carole Sevilla Brown has created yet another blog Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens.  I am honored to be invited to join the team of dedicated and talented authors. I hope you can visit and see my post on an amazing Great Blue Heron rookery I visited recently.
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