Friday, May 6, 2011

Stepping Into Spring Gardens On The South Side

Stepping into the Garden Wild Turkey style

Stellata in the mist between gray birch

From the Blueberry field 

Fluttering Magnolia stellata

Back of House and Rock Maples from Blueberry field

From the Blueberry field 

Jazzy Jonquils 

Spreading pollen

Looking up from below the old rock garden to second terrace and smaller stellata

Blooming Rock Maples and Birches across the way

Golden Goldfinches

Carpets of Bluets 

May Apple peeking through

Helleborus foetidus bells

Climbing Hydragea Clusters

Very glossy Viburnum 

Speckled sepals of Lilac

Just behind house Currants looking down through Magnolias and Apple into Weeping Cherry and Mount Tom

Welcome Back Indigo Bunting!

Feathers are flying 
Petals and pollen falling
Freely Spring is here

Plants push through the crust
Growing all around the ground
Verse by Mother Earth

Air is warble filled
Striving to identify
Lovely calls and trills

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