Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fiery Orange Rising Reflecting Giving Life

Unusual July Sunrise Just As It Was

Middle Meadow Garden

American Painted Lady sipping Echinacea 

Healing Flames


Laying Eggs on Young Milkweed Along the Paths! 

Milkweed Bugs and Monarch Share Milkweed 

Sunset Glow

Viburnum at Dusk

Full Moon 

Sunrise Solitary Red-eyed Vireo 

Beloved by Birds Viburnum Berries Soon to Vanish

Second Day More Eggs to Lay.  First . . . Morning Milkweed Nectaring 

Red Clover Elixir Energy Boost For Laying 300 - 500 Eggs!

Every New Day a Fresh Daylily Face Unfurls

Fiery Days and Colors of July

Oh Joy for Monarchs!
rain rain never went away
early flights detoured

For now dry hot days
timing right for egg planting
Milkweed stands ready

A wild garden smiles
no mimic here true monarch
soars as no other

Tired and tattered
strength to fulfill destiny
select plants of choice

Promise of new life
mother fastening last egg
flies away to die

A Painted Lady
tiny darts of fiery heat
Echinacea sweet

Sun moon rise and set
daylilies open and close
life is a moment


Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! It is soo hot here we have a heat advisory the humidity is making it feel like 116 ! Have a good day and stay cool.

Sarah Laurence said...

I'm enjoying this color theme on your blog - especially that sunrise and odd moon shot.

Laila said...

The butterflies, the lilies, the suns (!), the valleys - stunning!
The poem at the end. are you the author? "Life is a moment" - so right, but nature and garden help us stay close to it.

Ruben said...

Hello Carol!
I like your viburnum!!! Viburnums grow here too, but I don´t know if your viburnum is tender. What is the latin name? How peaceful with the Red-eyed Vireo amongst the fruits.
You have a lot to do, if you deadhead all your day-lilies!!! I´m sure you don´t have the time. I do, all the time (but I don´t have as many lilies as you). Perfect place you have found for them!!! And beautiful colours side by side!! The yellow flower, is it Rudbeckia triloba? (Blooming here now).
Fantastic photos of butterflies!!!!

Have a nice day!



sandy said...

You outdid yourself this time. This is the color of summer.

I heard yesterday on NPR that we were seeing smoke from fires in Ontario, along with our humidity haze.

The milkweeds here are drying up fast, and I have only seen a couple of moarch butterflies.

Cottage Tails said...

I've planted day lilies - first time ever & I am soo hoping my garden will look a bit like yours.
As always enjoyed your photos!
Love Leanne

Julie G. said...

Oh my goodness! A most beautiful, gorgeous post filled with stunning images! A joy to view your lovely post.

JGH said...

Wow - definitely lots of beautiful color there right now!! There is nothing sadder than a milkweed with no monarch. So glad you're getting some visitors :)

JWLW said...

HI Carol: Great Post FANTASTIC PHOTOS. So far this summer we have seen only one Monarch Butterfly and very few others. Are you seeing a decline ? We have the right stuff, Milk Weed, Butterfly Weed, Butterfly bush and lots of other flowers in bloom. Also not seeing a lot of Honey Bee's or Mason Bees.

Have a great day, John

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Carol, I am so sorry I haven't visited for ages ... and look at what wonders I have been missing! I saw my first monarch a couple of days ago, but didn't get any pictures yet. I am in awe of your photography, as always. P. x

ann said...

Quite stunning. I don't know which one I like the best. I think I like---all.

Cat said...

Carol your sunrise and moonrise photos are gorgeous and so inspiring. That sunrise makes me want to get up early! Although this makes my husband laugh as my daughter and I are just now putting a movie on at 11:00pm!

Andrea said...

OMG Carol, i can't get my eyes off your first photo of that fiery but kind sun! Then the following photos are so alive, i want to teleport to your area at this moment. Next lifetime i will request to be living in a place like that minus the ticks and deer mites! haha. By then i will have lots of money to buy me many lenses. Haaaaay! said...

Hi Carol,
Our first Monarch sighting was this week too. How late they are this year, and in such low numbers.

Maria Wheeler, Simply Cool Stuff said...

What a pleasant walk through your gorgeous garden, Carol. All from the comfort of my shuttered-from-the relentless-sun home! The heat was palpable from that very first fire-y sunrise... to the full moon in all its summer glory. The reds and oranges of the plants and the butterflies simply grabbed me! Thanks for the post and stay cool!

Eva said...

The "sunset glow" shows me exactly what you mean by "Life is a moment." Your thoughtful way of connecting all the surrounding beauty in a theme of color is always marvelous. This time, there is definitely a palpability to the images. The day lillies, the moon, even the lovely viburnum—nourishment for the birds—convey the feeling of summer heat. Fortunately, the oppressive quality is absent. Beautiful colors! And with all your preparations, how happy you must be to see your beloved monarchs!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Those are some tattered monarchs! Our first sighting was about the same day as you! SOOOOO late. But we've got about 8 in their jade green right now, and see at least one a day outside now that liatris ligulistylis is blooming. LOVE that close up shot of the echinacea. Wish I could do that with my SLR, I'm sure I could if I knew how.

Alistair said...

Great shots as usual Carol, love your Daylilies. Oh and that sandwiched moonshot is perfection.

Angie said...

These are ESQUISITE!! And OMG that moon photo...Such beauty caught in a moment...

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Such a joy visiting your blog again. Each time I return your photography and prose makes me gasp. Kinda scares the dogs. LOVE that first photo - the sunrise - oh, my heavens!!!!!!!!!!!

jeansgarden said...

I haven't seen any Monarch butterflies yet in my garden. (I usually see them after the liatris blooms, which hasn't happened yet.) I hove many milkweed plants that have popped up here and there; but unlike the ones out along the paved road, mine haven't made any flowers yet. I love beautiful sunrises; this one looked almost tropical (perhaps to go with the recent tropical weather?). -Jean

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carol girl .. that sunrise, sunset and moon are heart stoppers!
All of your pictures are beautiful .. but being a sky addict I am totally in love with your sky pictures ..
Joy : )

Larry said...

Hi Carol... I somehow missed this post... what a loss had I never seen it... I love all the photos! Larry

Bom said...

Super photography, Carol. The butterfly captures, the moonlight, everything. My favorite was the macro you captioned "Healing Flames". Image and caption are perfect.

Josien said...

Ooooh! It is Stunning indeed!

Glad to be visiting your blog,

sweetbay said...

I love your daylilies ~ so colorful and beautiful!

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