Sunday, July 3, 2011

Glimpses of North and Middle Garden Walkabouts

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' 

Gray Catbird Eggs - Second Brood

Rosa Rugosa

Thermopsis villosa and White Birch before Walnut Hill

Chipping Sparrow in Nest

Chipping Sparrow Eggs 

Rosa Virginiana 

Female Indigo Bunting and Nestlings in a Peony!

Inidgo Bunting Nestlings  -  More on these later on. 

Tree Swallow Nestling Nearly Fledged 

Hydrangea macrophylla  'Nikko Blue'

Looking through Middle Gardens and Tree Swallow Nestbox towards Mount Holyoke Range

It is amazing to discover so many birds nesting in a small area of the gardens. I will be posting more on these particular families later. For today . . .  just a glimpse at a few of my observations while walking in the north and middle gardens over the last few days. 
 I eyed the White-tailed doe early one morning . . .  when she became aware of me . . .  she began making soft grunting sounds. I was certain there must be a fawn in the garden and that she was communicating with her tiny spotted baby.  I did scan carefully through the taller swathes of wildflowers and between shrubberies but could not discover the young deer. The doe walked around a bit seemingly unafraid of me. I followed her for some time . . . speaking softly . . .  while I took time to glance around at the other attractions in the garden.  After awhile . . .  upon coming inside . . .  I noticed her stepping along side her fawn under the 'Three Graces' Crabapples. The beautiful creatures soon leapt away down towards the blueberry fields and forest. 
With all the wildlife about . . . the gardens seem enchanted. 

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