Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Day In The Clouds Sunrise Sky Second Day of 2012

I hope you all have enjoyed welcoming in this New Year. 

I missed the fireworks in Northampton while attending a few special concerts of First Night, and dining in between, but yesterday's sunrise made up for my loss. I cannot begin to write any lines of Haiku . . . the beauty of the sun rising above the Mount Holyoke Range and into the large mantle of clouds still has me speechless. 

Moment to moment the sky painting becomes more luminous and wondrous . . . ever changing. The fiery sun acting like a painter or a conductor calling for light here . . .  then there and everywhere . . . chords reaching a crescendo . . . dramatic chorus of colors. 

My stick gardens are rather boring right now but the winter skies have been staggering. 

I am not alone when I open the door to this remarkable view. A solitary Bluebird sings from atop the Black Cherry and a buteo soars . . . it truly is his sky! 

This was just the beginning of the day in the clouds . . . there will be a part two featuring more of the Red-tailed Hawk, the waxing moon and the setting sun of the second day of the new year. 

I will be looking back over the gardens and wildlife of 2011 in upcoming posts.

May all of your dreams come true in 2012. 

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