Friday, December 30, 2011

Essential Ethereal Time Transformation

Moment to moment painting with clouds and light . . . A new day unfurls towards a new year. 
A play of light and dark. 
Blues to dream.
 Time to reflect in the beauty of beginnings. 

wide ocean of sky  
constant change as time goes by
racing clouds as years

forming memories
layers of fluidity 
morning to infinity 

soon flowing fainter
our sun the master painter
a palette of fire

burning holes ~ hark!
atmospheric light and dark
splintering the days

minutes become miles
there is joy beneath the piles
an empty canvas

lift the sheets of time
there is no reason for rhyme
live life full awake

knowing essentials
belong to every being
actively engage

appeal for justice
impermanence mirrors life
measuring hours

a new calendar
promises and hope fulfill
self realization

Female Bluebird in Winter

We measure our lives by looking forward and backward at the same time rarely being here.
Janus leads us through the gateway into a New Year, but we are still close to the last and can look back . . . joys and losses . . . things done right and things done wrong . . . paring down and adding on . . .  the chapters of our lives are bound in our determination. 
We might spend nearly equal time in caring for the light as we do for the dark . . . the tragic and the joy. Keeping an essential balance while embracing all. 
Blinders must be cast off and the light of truth let in to illuminate our hearts and minds into needed action. 
Together we have a large voice and the power of our purse. 
If only we would . . . 

May this New Year Bring Us All  Peace and Prosperity in Love and Wisdom. 
May We Live Fully Awake With Strength Enough To Carry Our Life Loads.
May We All Take Responsibility For Our Part In What is Right and What is Wrong.
May Balance Come to Our World and Our Lives.
May Essentials Be Abundant in Every Life . . . A Promise of Full Potential for All . . . That Minds May Flourish Into a Human Tapestry Of Beauty and Love Covering Our One Earth in Peace and Justice.
Sigh . . . If only it could so be.
I am so grateful for the beauty that surrounds me and the time to realize its blossoming within. 
I am thankful for you.
I wish you a World of Joy! 

One last visit this year to Katarina for important essentials.

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