Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dreaming Of Peace and Goodwill

The Budapest Opera House dressed up for Christmas. 

Hungarian Christmas carolers singing.

Wishing you all the Happiest of Holidays! 

Shooting stars seem to follow the Hattatts! 
Jane Hattatt can be seen above stepping towards the entrance of the Budapest Opera House 
and below with Lance Hattatt in one of their favorite squares in Venice.

 If I had wished upon a falling star, 
I could not have wished for more gracious, generous, 
funny and fantastic guides, companions and hosts for my first visits to Venice and Budapest. 
I will endeavor to weave more words together regarding the dear, winsome and hilarious Hattatts . . .  
when I pick up again after the holidays . . .  
to begin sharing more of the natural world here at Flower Hill Farm 
along with some of the magic of the aforementioned fabulous cities. 

Francesco Maffei Detail of Angel saving drowning children

I had thought for this to have been a simple joyous post 
and to wish all the warmest and happiest of holidays featuring the Budapest Opera House 
where tragedies are played out in a splendid house.

Then a real tragedy strikes at the heart of our country destroying precious life and balance for so many. It is sad beyond words. 
When will we wake up and demand true gun control and if one chooses to have guns . . .  store them safely away.
I am so deeply sorry for the families and community so devastated by this horrific act. 

Would that we could have a compassionate watch as we have say . . . neighborhood watch. 
To keep a watchful eye on those that seem isolated and wounded. 
Just one person who might reach out to make a difference. 
I know it is so complicated.
The amount of senseless violence in our children's lives from the media . . . our wars . . . games and more are not helpful. 

May Peace come to our world. 


Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos ! Yes a tragic thing to happen . My heart and prayers go out to all !

Diana of Elephants Eye said...

Peace, yes!

That child rescued from drowning looks rather ticked off.

Patty said...

Lovely opera house. I can imagine people sitting inside wearing 18th century fancy dress. Happy Holidays to you Carol.

Charlie said...

I have spent time in Italy, but have yet to travel to Eastern Europe. Your photos are impressive and a next must do.

Sarah Laurence said...

Beautiful photos, Carol! You make me want to travel to Budapest. What a perfect vacation! I've enjoyed connecting with the Hattatts through you too.

It is a sad time in our country but hopefully reflection will lead to change on gun control laws.

BTW, you'll be pleased to know I've dropped word verification on my blog comments but you'll need to be signed into Google or Open ID to comment now.

Les said...

Peace to you and your family as well.

Andrea said...

Hello Carol, do you still remember me? Merry Christmas and yes, may peace be unto all of us, to our world. I am so happy for you as you travel to Budapest, it is one country i so dream to visit, but maybe not in this lifetime.

We also have almost 2 thousand deaths and a few hundreds still missing as the aftermath of the super typhoon Pablo 2 weeks ago. The living now don't have homes, food and clothing, as even the evacuation centers were not spared. Vegetation is totally destroyed, bridges tumbled down, rivers got another route, and everyone is mourning! They are just living through relief goods, no more source of income. Now i think force majeur is a lesser evil than that one which happened in CT. I wonder why it happens there so often, and usually with kids! May the living move on not in so very painful ways!

Carol said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I hope you are right Sarah. Andrea, forgive me, of course I remember you! I have not been blogging much this year and feel the loss . I am so deeply saddened to read about the typhoon. I did not know about it as I was without tv or papers in Budapest. How horrific! I am so sorry for the suffering to so many. Mother Nature (climate change) vs Human Nature . . . the one accidental (there is a urgent need for humans to wake up - especially Americans) the other intended . . . there is so much violence in our country from guns . . . every day many die. We need stronger gun control laws but the public does not demand it loud enough. The lobbyist are very politically powerful. It sickens me that my country is responsible for an enormous amount of violence here in these so called 'united' states and the world over. From guns to drones the killing is inhumane.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Dearest Carol:
We are so very humbled to be made mention of here in this most generous and spirited of ways and for the link to our own blog.

But what must be said is the light, laughter and sheer joy which you have brought to our own lives, first in Venice and then later in Budapest. Your friendship means so very much to us, far more than it is possible to express in mere words.

Our hearts go out to the victims of that most terrible of recent tragedies. They are, we are certain, in the thoughts and prayers of people everywhere. And if there is any message to be learned, then it is that we must all, as individuals, work at all times for peace, love and unity between and amongst all peoples everywhere.

ruma said...

Hello, CAROL.

Elegant Opera House and Christmas tree.
I feel warmth in cold.
The heart, the soul.

Wishing you and yours the Happiest of Holidays ,too!

Thank you for your kindness.
ruma from Japan

sweetbay said...

I was wondering what you were up to, besides your usual work! A trip to Europe, how exciting!

Tammie Lee said...

" The amount of senseless violence in our children's lives from the media . . . our wars . . . games and more are not helpful."

I completely agree!

May Peace come to our world."

I offer my heart to the above as well!

so lovely to see photos from your trip. So European and wonderful.

lovely holidays to you~

jeansgarden said...

Carol, These are wonderful holiday images. I hope you are finding joy and solace in the beauties of the season. This evening, I turned out all the lights in the house, lit one candle, and then sat for an hour to watch the magical sight of a full moon rising through the woods behind my house and casting bright light and strong shadows on the newly fallen snow. Wishing you the best of health, hope, love and peace for the New Year. -Jean

Anja said...

Kära Carol! Where is my comment???
I must have done some weird!

My alienated comment was about that I also have missed you!
This year has been a year I rather want to forget...
I expect much of 2013 -both in terms och health and weather.

Thank you for the sweet comment!

And! I agree: "May Peace come to our world"!

/Kramar Anja

Carolyn said...

Hi Carol,
I am happy for you to have had such an amazing trip-I love your photos and I am sure you will have many good memories.
We too, were schocked and saddened by the terrible tragedy in CT.

Thank you for your visit and good wishes and I wish you all the best for the New Year too.

We are expecting that snow storm to hit us shortly.


Malinda said...

Happy New Year Carol. Beautiful post - thank you

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Carol Happy New Year (belatedly, though they say it all month here in France) The Budapest images are the most Christmassy I've seen, again I'm a bit late.


Rosemary said...

Dear Carol - I have arrived at your blog via Lance and Jane. Having seen your wonderful photos over on their post.
How lovely that you should all have met up and had such a wonderful time together.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

How wonderful to have visited Jane and Lance during Christmas in Budapest! They are such lovely folks and Christmas in Budapest...takes my breath.

jayneonweedstreet said...

Beautiful photos! Keep yourself healthy - I have had Lyme twice, and I dont think it is ever quite finished with you - despite what most physicians will tell you!

helen tilston said...

Hello Carol

I found you and so thrilled that you met the Hattatt's. How fortunate for you and from what I read for them to meet.
I am your new follower and shall return and talk later

Helen xx

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