Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year ~ A New Installment to 'A Bestiary' ~ Pileated Woodpecker

My first posting of 2013 to announce and hope you might click over to see my latest 'A Bestiary' installment . . . Pileated Woodpecker. 
This makes number fourteen and it can been seen by clicking here

Special thanks go out to Ecosystem Gardener and activist Carole Brown whose wisdom and expertise have brought together two 'really good' teams over at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens  and Beautiful Wildlife Garden

I truly hope to be up and posting regularly soon. Wild Turkeys are happy for the hardening snow so they can move around more easily. I can see a flock walking down towards the forest as I write this. I am happy to understand why it is taking me so long to recover from my travels after getting a flu shot that gave me a wicked flu and turned into bronchitis. I rarely take antibiotics but gladly will take the prescribed dose to feel well again.

All Best Wishes for Good Health along with Great Wildlife and Human Encounters in 2013. 
Peace and Clean Green Energy For All

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