Friday, January 25, 2013

Gazing Into A Wintry Landscape of Wonder

Though the wintry landscape palette is not as colorful as other seasons,
 the raw sky does spread out a bright cloth with vivid rose and lavender hues 
each early morning and just before night.

Winter's beauty can be mesmerizing, though wind chills of -13 F do challenge the spirit.

Somehow we all adapt.

We are all creatures of habit. 
Late afternoons and early mornings, I often find our resident Red-tailed Hawk perching 
on the same branch, in more or less exactly the same location, within a stately Oak, 
which solidly stands in a clearing dotted with native blueberries not far from the forest's edge.

The Red-tailed Hawk stands out in a striking way within a foggy, snowy landscape.
Its underwing white mirroring that of the powdered coating etched upon the Oak's limbs
and shrouding a forest of Hemlocks and White Pines.

Winter's white and light can be beautiful and we acclimate to its frigid ways sometimes longing for warmer days.

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