Monday, August 3, 2009

Garden Details... Honey Bees Aphrodites Sipping Buddleia Nectar Joining Jeweled Hummer Fledgling

Gardeners and farmers create a world that expands and contracts ... giving life ... becoming a habitat... a home... environment for creatures that delight and fight with our efforts. Here are some details of our delights. Butterfly bush is not exclusive but a venue open to birds and bees as well as its namesakes. A lovely gift... after picking one quart and a pint of blueberries... for this weary farmer... wearing a camera... to discover such jewels actively indulging in Buddleia sweets. Young hummers are so free spirited and daring. Over the years several youngsters have sipped flowers I was holding and often they fly right up to my face, as if to question ... 'just what are you?'. The concerned parents that seem never to be far away until very late summer, dive down chasing their young away from what they sense is danger, and give them a good scolding or so it seems to this observer. Youth does not yet have all guards in place ... not yet molded into caution for good and bad.
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