Thursday, August 13, 2009

North Corner Blooms Again Blooming Friday

The North corner of the garden is very lovely just now with the second blooming of a smaller size lilac... second year that it has bloomed in late summer... as well as late spring. I think it's name is 'Fairy' land or tale or something like that. It certainly does make magic whatever the other name. Lilac is good enough for me and it offers a delicious fragrance but cannot compete with the Oriental lilies... my survivors as I once had hundreds all over the gardens... until the voles discovered them and made lily bulb puree of them all. For some reason these escaped their tiny gnawing teeth. I am happy for it! The Rose of Sharon is finally making its mark in the garden, after waiting months for the green to come out on the bush... well worth the wait it seems and the hummingbirds agree. The sculpted Tree Hydrangea makes a statement too and its form is complimenting the other forms in this corner of the garden. My magnolia is also blooming again! It is never ending in bloom offers... most likely due to the heavy pruning it gets after its first blooming period... back in May! We have had some visiting mature hummers the last few days... do not believe they are the parents of my twin brother and sister... they all certainly animate the gardens and will be missed when they head south in September. To enjoy other blooms the world over... go to lovely Katarina's our hostess for Blooming Friday.
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