Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Echinacea Bee Balm Sweet Treats for Hummer and Aphrodite

Last year I planted some bee balm down in the lower garden near the hammock, so I might enjoy the hummers while resting. Well... it worked only I find I cannot rest for wanting the images. I hope I have enough for now. I am certain the hummer agrees it would be best for all, if I just float. The young one does not know quite what to make of me... eyeing him or her so, with such a large eye! This is most likely a young male from the many stripes on his throat... that will later become red. On the way back up to my studio, I revisited the 'black knight' Buddleia behind the house and found more Aphrodite Fritillaries ... they have a hard time in the garden, for the birds will leave off gorging on the blueberries for a bit of meat to compliment their diet. There are many Aphrodites flitting around wearing tattered gowns. I did eye one perfect butterfly fully open to the sun. Each creature has its magic in either scales or feathers and structure. The colors we see are not only pigments but also a play of light on forms. As for our plants... Echinacea with its tiny darts of healing, Bee balm sporting its court jesters crown and Buddleia wearing deep purple, each must offer rich nectar for butterfly and bird, as both are so deeply engaged in drawing the sweets from the uniquely designed florets.
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