Saturday, October 17, 2009

350 Climate Change Continuing Actions and Camera Critters

October 24,2009 is the next important Climate Change day of action ... 350... please see the brief fun video above and visit the links in this post to learn more. 

There was an important meeting in the Maldives ... please visit here to see this historic event ... It is truly amazing ... important, and trying to bring awareness to the dire need for immediate change! 

At the same time I am putting out this post, I am joining in on a day of posting animals, insects ... creatures we find curious, loving and respect their right to live along with us ... I think it is fitting to join the two ... all life is precious ... so let's protect all. To see other critters go here.

To read a heart warming story go to CommonWeeder to discover how children are learning many subjects through gardening . . . and feeding themselves at the same time. 

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