Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Word About Rainbows

Thank you all for all the wonderful comments in my Watery Post below... I want to add a couple of thoughts and facts for anyone who might enjoy them. Whenever I chance to see a rainbow... I consider it a time to pause and be in that moment until the watery prisms disappears. Of course we all recall the myth of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... but how do we find the end of a circle? A dear friend of mine is a pilot... I asked him once to share one of his favorite flights. He told me that flying into a rainbow was so amazing. To see a full round rainbow in the sky and to fly through it, must be pretty special. I love the image of John piloting a plane right through the center of a ring of water droplets turned prisms of light.  Does the pot of gold stand for something ... a goal we need to strive for... a gold medal ... a pinnacle... to keep searching till one finds the end of the rainbow... to go round and round longing for the answers.  If you continue to look for gold at a rainbow's end ... you will be like the little hamsters in those round playthings they are constantly running and running around in. I was still with the hamster until John told me of his experience. I must have learned otherwise in Science class at some point... another particle of knowledge accidently deleted. When you think about it... the arch or bow is only what it appears to be ... as seen from standing on the earth... and depending on how high the sun is will determine how big the rainbow is. There is something magical about a rainbow ... we do not want to take down the curtain of Oz to always see the science or illusion in all of Nature's marvels. It is important to nurture imagination too. If you would like to read a bit more on this topic go here ... If you have not seen the double rainbows just below in the earlier post be sure to do so. May you all have many rainbow days to come.
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