Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Wish Surprise Blooming Friday!

Christmas morning began as the sun rose through the thick river of fog, completely covering the Mount Holyoke Range, Mount Tom and the Pioneer Valley below. I wonder if my friends in Northampton, Hadley, Holyoke and Amherst are able to see any rays of light this first day of Christmas. I walk by a pedestal I walk past every day, only this day I noticed much to my surprise and delight, a Christmas flower fully blooming. The 'Star' Magnolia or Magnolia stellata ... a gift from Japan as a token for Peace oh so many years ago now. What a Christmas gift! I had no idea I was trying to force this flower. It was a 'left over' from a November bridal show . . . I had just thrown out all the wilted flowers and left this small branch with a cutting of Rosemary . . . added some water and forgot about it. I might have added water once when noticing it was nearly out, but like so many things in our lives I rarely noticed what was right there in front of me. It must have been blooming yesterday for it is so fully blown open, but I did not notice it until just after the sunrise you see above. 

Complete with petals making a Peace symbol this beautiful flower is truly a seemingly magical gift.

This scene is from a Northampton shop window. Surely it expresses one aspect of the magic of Christmas. May all your Christmas wishes come true. If I may . . . it is my Christmas wish that you might offer a prayer for my nephew Jeremiah, who has been truly fighting for his life and well being over these last two months or so. It was sudden, virulent and tragic that a strong healthy young man was suddenly paralyzed unable to move or speak. He was taken from his loving wife and baby son, from his mother and father and hooked up to life supporting apparatuses. My little sister Mimi has mostly been living in his hospital room, and she along with Jeremiah's wife Ashley and some family members are with him this Christmas day. He is greatly improved and relearning how to walk and talk. There are still so many unknowns . . . a mysterious case . . . perhaps a flu shot was the culprit?  I believe in the magical healing power of prayer and kind thoughts. I thank you if you are able to add Jeremiah and his family to your thoughts and prayers. Peace and Blessings upon you and all the world on this the 'First Day of Christmas'. It is also Blooming Friday . . . to see other offerings from around the world visit Katarina' Roses and Stuff. I leave you with this magical capture of a Cardinal . . . to continue acknowledging the Christmas Bird Count going on now. 

Merry Christmas!
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