Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just A Flutter In Time A Shutter Opens and Closes the Years

 I spy with my little eye tiny eggs of Monarch butterfly.
Miniscule shiny black heads emerge from teensy translucent crystal domes.
      After the first snack of its egg casing, a caterpillar inches and molts through several instars.
The lovely tiger cater finds a comfy safe place to just let go!
Then reveals it's creation of itself!
At first a bit of it's old form is seen, though yellow and milkweed green with template of wings.
 An hour or so passes and it appears as if a magic inhalation completes it's metamorphosis into pupa.
Two weeks later it is nearly done!
Then plop . . .  abdomen first . . .  right into the petals holding on for it's life!
Here you see it pushing open the door!
All new body parts to explore!
A large abdomen pumps up it's bright new wings then time to hang out and dry.
Quite the dandy out in the garden soaking up the sun and community.
The boys make a visit and show of gratitude to their faithful host!
A couple of gals checking out the complementary flowers.
Fluttering in the fields amongst New England asters.
Sipping and Sunning!
Most Stunning Creatures!
Adding magic to the landscape!
This is a glimpse into my adventures with the Monarch Butterfly. I have raised them for over twenty years . . . having released hundreds into the gardens. Countless stories of enchanting sharings. Time is fleeting and I find this magical metamorphosis such a beautiful metaphor for a creative life. I have spent hours and hours researching . . . though I am no scientist. There is much to wonder and delight! I hope you enjoy!
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