Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Sycamore! Oh Sycamore! 'You Fill My Heart With Music!'

Tis the season to celebrate the Christmas tree . . .  but wait you are wondering . . . where is the evergreen? Look to the verdant moss and though this wondrous Sycamore is not wearing leaves or candles shining brightly, it does 'fill my heart with music!'  I can imagine men and women dancing around this majestic tree in celebration of it's seeming immortality. 

'Your branches green delight us.' Such a spread into the sky . . . a castle for birds to fly and perch . . .  imagine hundreds there each limb a tree in its own girth.

A tree well known and honored the world over.

'Much pleasure dost thou bring me!'

'Your boughs so green in summertime. Stay bravely green in wintertime.'

I stand dwarfed before you 
My spirit expands and reaches out around your prodigious girth
Up Up towards the tips of your branches I perch
Oh Sycamore Tree, Oh Sycamore Tree
'But even in winter is thy prime.'
'Brings to us all both joy and glee.'
'To think of you and then be gay.'
Oh Sycamore Tree, Oh Sycamore Tree
'You fill my heart with music.'

I hope you will allow my play on the many interpretations of our beloved song -
'O Tannenbaum o Tannenbaum'
'Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree'
At a time we celebrate a tree I want to share this Majesty.
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Peace on Earth Good Will Towards All Beings . . .
I promised you birds during this Christmas Bird Count season
I love to have birds upon my Christmas tree . . . here are a few Blue Birds from the spring and summer.

A moment of reflection or is he examining his toes?

His partner in flight a dazzling sight!

"Give it here!" says she "Refine Refine My Dear! They might choke I Fear!"

The first fledgling out!

Sibling rivalry!

May you have abundance in your feasting and for those left out in the cold a place to go, where the Christmas Spirit of Caring shines bright all though the seasons light. 
Merry Merry Christmas! And to All a Good Day and Night!
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