Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Gracious and Lovely Blogger Comes for Tea!

I am sure you all know the feeling . . .  when you meet someone, who immediately makes you feel comfortable and you somehow know will become a good friend in time. Well such was my feeling the minute I met Pat, author of the outstanding blog 'Commonweeder'. I was so taken by her beautiful blue eyes, generous spirit, delightful wit and relaxed, graceful nature. 

Pat is a writer  . . . has been a writer for a very long time. She writes for a local newspaper 'The Greenfield Recorder' and has her own column titled 'Between the Rows', which can be read on her blog each Saturday. Imagine writing a column every week for thirty years. 'Commonweeder'  is nearly three years old and is the reason I have the good fortune to have Pat walk into my life and gardens. Pat and I live about forty minutes from one another, though we may never have met . . .  if not for blogging. She calls her home in Heath 'End of the Road' and this is where she gardens, writes and bakes lots of cakes and pies. She arrives for tea offering one of her cakes and her reputation as a gourmet cook is not exaggerated. It was so light and delicious. 

After tea we walk about the gardens and into the south field, where I hope to share many Monarch butterflies flitting about the Asters. While walking, I learned more about Pats interesting life. She lived in China from 1989 - 1990 and again for a year in 1995, where she worked as an editor of an English language magazine titled 'Women of China.' Pat tells me the magazine offered an honest look of women's lives, at that time, in the past and going ahead . . .  changes that were occurring to improve their lives. The times that Pat was living in China gave her a different perspective on two major events . . . the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre and in 1995 the UN Women's Conference. She said "Both of those years opened my eyes in ways I could not have imagined about life in other countries." Pat was also sending essays back to the Greenfield Recorder during these years. I look forward to hearing more about this amazing journey Pat. 

Pat taught me that the way to bake the best apple pie is by using several different kinds of apples. I was happy to be able to offer her at least three varieties to take home. 

The field of Asters and Goldenrod were filled with thousands of wild Honeybees and we did see a few Monarchs at the farther edge of the field.

Pat quietly exclaimed when eyeing this Maple all painted in rich red hues hanging above the swaths of purple. The light was gone from the field, when we were walking . . . we were so engaged in conversation and cake that the time just flew by. I took these photos the next day, when the light was better.

Meeting a fellow blogger after getting to know them in the virtual world is such a treat. Having one so nearby is truly lucky and Pat I do hope we will have many times, where we visit sharing stories, tea and cake . . .  enjoying lovely walks. I feel so grateful for the blogging community that has brought us together. I will continue to enjoy Pat's blog 'Commonweeder'  . . .  for its great stories, reviews of books and happenings, as well as . . .  Pat's beautiful gardens in Heath. 

After Pat headed home to Heath and husband Henry, I spend the remaining hour or two of light enjoying the view and watching the moonrise over Walnut Hill. I feel honored and gently touched by a kindred spirit, while filled with gratitude for the special first day of autumn we shared.
 I had no idea when I started my blog, how much I would enjoy visiting other blogs and meeting in person other bloggers. This year I met three fellow bloggers. You might recall this post.  We are all so lucky to be able to reach out and touch one another's lives the globe over. To inspire one another and share our worlds. It would be great to have an early to midweek New England gathering someday . . . my work is mostly on the weekends so I miss those fun meet-ups. Pat and I discussed this during our visit and hope there is some interest out there. Let us know. As I am finishing this post, the rain is falling steadily and I rejoice in the sounds and needed drink it gives to the gardens and thousands of trees covering the hillside. If your landscape is parched, I hope you get the vital rainfall soon. 
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