Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Autumn Equinox 2010!

I want to wish you all a Happy Autumn Equinox! 
Our earth tilts and we begin a new season together . . . an exciting season of change and wonder. Migrations are happening, as a riot of color paints the landscapes. Tonight the moon is full and glowing over Walnut and Carey hill, as calls of Coyotes and Barred Owls fill the cool blackness surrounding the milky orb. Here are a few moments from my day . . . the first day of 
Autumn Twenty Ten

An Equinox Morning Monarch.

It is a good day to learn to fly! 

Safe journey my little friend!

This time of equal light and dark brought a lovely lady into my life and gardens. I am excited to share a fellow blogger with you  . . . some know her already . . . you that do not are in for a treat, as I was . . .  in finally meeting a gracious neighbor, fellow blogger and gifted writer. A post coming soon will reveal all!

For now . . .  foliage reveals true colors and the hills are ablaze. A good week early . . .  for this amount of vibrance.

 The moon rises over Carey Hill, passing through a wisp of cloud, casting light and reflection on a sugar bowl lid. A table set for tea . . . for two . . . is nearly cleared away. Delightful memories of a perfect day will remain whole . . . adding pages to leaf through over the days and years of constant change. May the fall season inspire you! May the moon light your way, to magical encounters in the night. 

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