Friday, September 10, 2010

Mornings Glory Skywatch

Good Glorious Morning!

Another dreamy dawn bursts forth and paints the sky.

Full-bodied warmth of fiery sun enlivens a hillside.

A survivor of the terrace garden . . .  Ipomoea Convolvulaceae . . .  better known and more easily pronounced as 'Morning Glory' . . .  greets each dawn with a radiant starry unfurling. Safely contained in a taller planter rabbits are unable to reach . . .  she is not so finicky as to the weather and will open her fresh, colorful corolla of dazzling hues, with the first brushstrokes of light, be it bright or misty drizzle . . .  only to lose her splendor before midday. 

Morning Glories twine their way into our lives and offer us heavenly blues. 

Fleeting trumpets cry out to the gardens and any passersby "Come quickly . . .  for my glory will not last!"

This young male Ruby-throated Hummingbird will happily accommodate . . . ("Excuse me!  Sticking one's tongue out at the camera might be misunderstood . . . Oh, of course you meant no disrespect . . . it is good to brush the tongue too!") 

Once this little hummers early morning hygiene is complete, he will hover and discover the cool glory of morning within her inner petals and wells of sweetness. Perhaps he enjoys her 'psychoactive properties' . . . as long as there is no upset to his balance and judgement. No need to worry . . .  for those Heavenly Blue alkaloids . . . I would imagine . . .  are found in the roots. 

A Crabapple branch works like dental floss I guess. Time too will take these precious solitary jewels away . . . they will fly solo as far as Panama soon . . . taking a non stop eighteen hour (longer with inclement weather) flight across the Gulf of Mexico. Many will choose to fly over land going through Texas down into Mexico. I will treasure the few remaining days the Ruby-throats grace the gardens. A singular sparkle will be missing in the gardens and in my heart . . .  until their return migration next spring. The Morning Glories will continue blooming until frost. They too will miss the particular tickle . . .  only a hummingbird can offer. 
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