Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday Autumn Painting North Garden

Robins favorite Autumn fruit. 

Yummy Crabapples . . .  for the birds . . .  glow in the North Garden orchard. 
Hydrangeas steal the show in the Autumn garden.

'Flower Hill Farm Nestled Within An Autumnal Fiery Embrace' . . .  Autumn would not claim this as her Painting! I know I did not fool any of you. This painting did not fall from a tree. In painting I try to convey the fluid sensual movements of the surrounding hills, mountains and land. Still trying to find my way.

Chrysanthemum (unknown) is a great feeder for this late in October.

The 'Fairy Rose' still blooms and offers tiny buds to chilly Autumn days. 

High above it all . . .  the Autumn Waxing Moon sailing through the clouds. 

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