Friday, October 29, 2010

Magic and Moist Scenery for Blooming Friday

A river weaves its way along a course from north to south in the valley below. My land spills half way down the hillside towards the rushing water. I cannot see the river . . . I can hear it . . . especially in the spring . . .  before the leaves emerge, but I rarely ever go to visit it. 

It comes to me often, however . . .  by way of mist or sometimes heavier fog that rises up into the gardens and high above the tips of our tallest Rock Maples (Sugar Maples). 

It all has to do with temperature and dew point, when tiny water droplets form from water vapor condensation. The Crabapples are wearing  jewels . . .  left overs from a warm rain during the night, while a shroud of mist envelopes the land and gardens.

It is often seen and felt around dawn . . .  a veil of ghostly mist wafting through the shrubberies and trees . . . filling fields of wildflowers.

The nighttime luminous landscape is perhaps most enchanting . . .  with a blanket of fog flowing above . . .  and along with the river . . .  between the hills. The moonrise casts a spectacular glow upon clouds and fog, while carrying one into distant fables and worlds of mystery. The now naked native Black Cherry stands like thick charcoal marks in the glowing light of this night. The full fall leafy crowns of Oak can been seen through the leafless limbs of Black Cherry. I cannot begin to capture the beauty of the warm evening vista just past . . .  night before last. Above the mist and moon mighty Jupiter hangs . . .  brightest in a canopy of stars and planets. A time lapse photo with a wider lens might have come close to painting the breathtaking scenery.

Further down before the Mount Holyoke Range a larger body of water runs through the Pioneer Valley. The Connecticut River often creates a thickly woven blanket of fog that floats through and above the forests of trees lining the old worn mountain range, completely covering it at times. Here below this hillside I call home . . . .  the west branch of a smaller river offers liquid and light shows, for those lucky to see them . . . before the drenched cloak of water droplets dissipates into thinner air . . . often dispersed by the warm rays of sun. This Blooming Friday Katarina has asked us to share a water theme. I hope you have time to visit other participants here and across a larger body of water over at Roses and Stuff. Have a lovely weekend all! 

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