Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010 WATER

There is an injustice in our world regarding safe clean water. 

Some are only able to find drops of water . . . like these clinging to the crabapples.

The little wild and beautiful Solitary Vireo is not interested in a drink and flies away in a hurry. 

Water is a human right and every person on our planet should have safe access to clean drinking water.

Some people have waterfalls of water . . . simply by turning on a tap.

It effortlessly flows into our sinks and glasses. 

Are we aware and careful . . . thankful and thoughtful in our use of water?

This beautiful waterfall is about a seven minute drive . . .  down a steep hill and along a curvy, country road . . . from my home Flower Hill Farm. Many women and children in the world must walk miles and miles to find water . . . then home again. I am not certain of the mileage, but it would take most of half a day I would guess . . .  walking the distance to Chapel Falls to fetch water and return . . .  with rests along the way to help my back . . . perhaps longer . . .  when considering bathing and washing clothes . . . then some time to linger and appreciate the power and beauty of such a vital force. There would not be much time for this joyous reverie, as there is much work still to accomplish in the daylight hours. I would be lucky if there were no contaminates running off from a factory into the stream and falls. Certainly this line of thought makes me appreciate the immense value of refreshing, unpolluted water that runs so easily into my daily life. This year 'Blog Action Day' is focusing on water in hopes of raising awareness, for those who are without pure water. You can learn more about the important issue of water here. I am posting this a day early so others, who might not have heard of this action, might want to create their own post. I am keeping mine rather simple, but there are some truly inhumane efforts against vulnerable peoples in the world, by those who would bottle or try to own all rights to water . . . shockingly even rain that falls into containers. We can always call our politicians and let them know that justice around water rights is very important to us. I am also offering this as my Blooming Friday post where Katarina has chosen a theme of wild and beautiful. Visit Roses and Stuff to see other blogs from around the world.
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