Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autumn's Grand Finale on Flower Hill and Hills Beyond

Thousands of Rock Maple leaves, Magnolia Soulangeana, Miscanthus and Gray Birch

Miscanthus before Oak

Metasequoia 'Dawn Redwood'

Crabapples before blazing Metasequoia and White Birch

Last of the Birch before forest of Oaks on Walnut Hill and High Ridge

English Hawthorne and Continus  with many Oaks in background.

Apple tree before Blueberry field

Japanese Maples and Oaks before forest of Oaks on a hilltop

Buddleia 'Black Knight' 

Native Highbush Blueberries

Continus 'Smoke Bush'

Korean Lilac out of time

Native Black Cherry

Magnolia stellata, Miscanthus grasses, Rock Maples

Asclepias before Sumac

Cimicifuga and Bombus

Chrysanthemum and Monarch Too Late for Mexico

All these photos were taken last week during an afternoon walk around the garden. It was a warm day after a few warmer days and I guess this butterfly finally was able to emerge from her chrysalis. Alas her wings are odd (Being due to a lengthy confinement. ) and she was not able to fly very well.  I spotted her  hanging in the rabbits veggie garden . . . she looked very vulnerable . . . and as there was nothing for her to sip . . . I waited patiently for her to climb onto my finger and carried her over to these lovely flowers offering sweet nectar. She stayed on my finger until I placed her near the flower. Her proboscis unfurled right away. 
A storm was due during the night and all the next day, so just before dark I picked the flower and brought them both inside. She did not object. I would have cared for her, but she was not content to be a house guest. It is better to be one's true self . . .  no matter if only for a day or two . . .  than to be a prisoner. She did fly out into the garden the next day, when the rain stopped. I never saw her again and hope she escaped the birds and had at least one free full flight as a butterfly. As she was quite a miracle already . . . I like to imagine she somehow smooths her wings and  soars over hills of trees, rivers and fields to some place warmer . . . one can hope. It was a lovely walk that day and her presence in the garden made it more magical. 
This will be the last of Autumn colors here . . . temperatures are dipping into the high twenties at night and all the leaves will soon fall . . .  leaving a naked and cold landscape. Trees are  interesting subjects of sculptural beauty at this time of year. The awe and mystery will last for a few months, before I long for them to dress again.
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