Monday, November 8, 2010

A Step Away From Ones Normal Day

What I love most . . .  other than a farmed and forested landscape . . . is one by the sea. Here before a large window in the Provincetown Library I see many fishing boats, rooftops and a lighthouse calling out beneath a huge blustery sky. It is 'time out' for me and I hope to have the sea deep inside of my being by the weeks end. 
Each November I look back over the year from here and sort the many pages of my life. I think of all of you and how blogging has enriched my understanding of gardening and peoples of the world. I am so thankful for your many kind words of support and enjoy visiting your worlds around the globe through our shared love of nature and our gardens. This year . . . though having been a challenge . . .  has brought forth very sweet happenings and memories. My son is happily married and tomorrow he will become 30! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST SON! 
The library lights are blinking . . .  it is time to go. Have a great week everyone! 

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