Monday, November 15, 2010

Blooms and Plumes Near the Sea for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Salt spray roses offer hips for birds along the dunes overlooking Race Point Lighthouse. For over thirty years I have been visiting the outer cape but each time there is a new adventure. I have just returned home, with no time to stroll around the gardens, so I am sharing a walk I took for the first time yesterday as my contribution to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Be sure to visit Carol's May Dream Gardens to see other posts from around the world. I have walked along the beach at Herring Cove (as seen above) to arrive near the lighthouse, but this new to me and much longer walk took me through a wooded area, then dunes and over a dyke with lovely grasses gently swaying and harboring all sorts of striking wildlife . . .  then through even more dunes!

Just out of the wooded area . . . zooming in on the lighthouse. I am over an hour walk away. Well, admittedly I stop quite a bit to overlook the beauty of the surroundings. 

A Great Blue Heron so beautifully hidden within the tall reeds of grasses.

Getting closer but there are still more dunes to climb and meander through. 

Finally standing alone in front of this quaint but sturdy lighthouse. I would like to walk through the little wooden door. If you would like to learn more about Race Point Lighthouse visit this site
There is a charming Keepers house where folks from all over the world rent rooms. Many lighthouses stand all along the outer cape, to aid sea going vessels  . . . a fascinating subject that I may do a complete post on someday. For now I just wanted to share my lovely walk with you. I would love to see all the dune roses in bloom. 
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