Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drops Of Time Caught In The Mist Garden Facades

Top Garden South     Note - Shagbark Hickory in background wearing Climbing Hydrangea 

Top Garden Flowing into Middle Terrace

Columbine on Middle Terrace

Blueberry Field

Looking from under Apple (needing pruning) towards Middle Garden - one week or so ago 

Peonies in Middle Garden - now blown open

Wounded Native Black Cherry 'Michael's Tree'  - North Field

North Garden and Farmhouse from North Field

North Garden from North Field

In the fog again
walking about the garden
misty mysteries 

Arachnid weavings 
cloaks cast out to catch a meal
bedazzle the eye

Webs of wondrous forms
meshes of mist wear danger
butterflies beware

White flowers glimmer
landscape of ghostly trunks glow
dense water droplets

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