Sunday, June 26, 2011

Woven Tapestries of Flora and Fauna Overcast and Bright

Apple tree where Robins rear their young.

Empty Catbird nest

Catbird fledgling 

Soft single roses
please most in simplicity 
garden tapestries 

 Robin in earnest
through rain and sun weaving cup
 holding fragile young

Always a mouthful 
detritus and twigs for walls
upon apple branch

Squealing worms for all
clamorous hunger needs met
endless work for mom 

Abandoning nests
looking in the shrubberies 
fledglings stand alert

Catbirds build anew
no empty nest syndrome here
fresh cup add blue eggs

Butterflies take care
near the bottom of food chain
 needed sustenance

There is much ado about the garden with many fledglings here and there. If you would like to read and see the tale of the Catbird's first brood, please visit Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens.

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