Friday, June 3, 2011

In and Out of Fog, Sun and Shrubberies

Inside Top Garden Looking Out - Wisteria, Late Lilac, Viburnum plicatum facade

Outside Top Garden looking in - Viburnum plicatum

Viburnum plicatum

Viburnum floret suspended . . . unintended catch

Tree Peony

Female Baltimore Oriole and nest

Tree Swallow in nestbox

 Hawthorns Crataegus

Looking up towards Top Garden . . . Fading Lilac (brown now soon to be cut) Magnolia ever bloomer

Miss Kim Lilac over towards 'Three Graces' Crabapples and weeping Japanese Maple

Tree Wisteria (somewhat) looking over towards sad old shed

Tiger Swallowtail sipping from Korean Lilac

Tiger Swallowtail drinking the last of the Lilac nectar

Days become longer
through sun and rain fog remains
casting crystal globes

Blossoms unfurling
bright blazing heat and rainfall
painting bloom parade

Reaching for summer
busy birds and butterflies
life of a garden

Suspended in time
flowers and being are one
grateful for this way


ann said...

Paradise. Your photos are just spectacular.

debsgarden said...

Hi Carol, as always your photos reveal the ethereal and lush nature of your garden. So beautiful! Only you would have caught the suspended bloom! I am thinking about planting tree peonies here, though the traditional one are the ones that won my heart in childhood. I love the exquisite blossoms!

Darla said...

I visit here to admire your photography! Always makes my jaw drop.

Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos !
You must be like me live with a camera in hand lol Have a great day !

The Violet Fern said...

I can feel the mist of fog, a rolling calm, smell the perfumed air ... spectacular. I used to have a Miss Kim in Maine - will never forget that fragrance! The tree wisteria is beautiful!

sandy said...

If I was a bird or a butterfly, I would come and live in your orchard!

Sarah Laurence said...

The fog makes your blossoms pop. I wish wisteria could grow this far north. Thanks for sharing yours along with some nice verse.

Loved the wildflowers below. Our wild geranium is blooming too along with May flowers - that's how late our spring is.

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Beautiful and lets never overlook the humble hawthorn.

Love those morning mists at this time of year. We get them often the next day following a thundeery downpour the previous evening. The whole earth seems to breathe.

Donna said...

just lovely..I have fallen in love with viburnum and have planted several different ones...can't wait to see the critters they attract...I finally saw a swallowtail this year and of course I had no camera...the garden looks so lush and peaceful...been trying to catch up with my blog reading since I was absent for a while ....

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Carol, I am transported to this wonderful landscape through your photos.

What a perfect world this is.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Gail said...

Carol, While I was here, I visited your painting page. I loved the Fall painting and seeing your Spring painting upside down was a delight~ The garden looks wonderful and seeing it juxtaposed with the historical photos make me appreciate it all the more. The shrub layer you've created is beautiful~ Love, love, love the Baltimore Oriole and her nest is marvelous~xogail

Andrea said...

Hi Carol, whatever the condition in your garden, it always look serene and idyllic, and always the envy of many souls like me. And your photos always produce those effects in us!

Bom said...

Wonderful, Carol! I can't decide on a favorite. Thank you for always sharing your farm pictures with us.

Barbara said...

What luscious photos! It looks like a tropical rain forest. Just love your Baltimore oriole.

Alistair said...

Like everyone else I just love the pictures of your garden, and the Tree peonies are just magnificent. I am very fond of Wisteria, but this is the first I have heard of Tree Wisteria.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Honestly Carol,

I can't find the words to tell you what my visits (lingering visits) to your blog mean to me. I feel stranded in a city and when I get to your blog I breathe a sigh and dive in. Your photos are great, they are better and better, but I think it is actually your EYE and your HEART that makes everything so incredibly special and beautiful.

Thank you for the breather. I am flat out in bed with a collapse cold. This was a joy.


Cathy and Steve said...

Such beautiful bounty captured in exquisite photographs. It is a pleasure to visit here!

NellJean said...

Lovely presentation. The broader views are my favorites. The creatures are precious.

Phoenix C. said...

I love your photos of the Viburnum plicatum in the mist. There's something so extraordinarily beautiful in the way the blooms grow in tiers on the shrub. I first saw them at Thorp Perrow Arboretum and was entranced.

Sophia Callmer said...

So beautiful Carol! The viburnum is a magic shrub, I love them in the evening they glow with the white flowers. kram Sophia

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Your place is such a peaceful retreat! Gorgeous captures. I can't grow lilac here and I miss the gorgeous blooms and intoxicating smell. Also, never see Baltimore Orioles here. They are such beautiful birds.

Gardeningbren said...

What a boost to my day...the photos are incredibly beautiful, especially the tree peony and those with the fog softly drifting through the trees and shrubs. Can it really be June already?

Ginny said...

It's all glorious, Carol, but I especially love the viburnum.

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