Friday, June 3, 2011

In and Out of Fog, Sun and Shrubberies

Inside Top Garden Looking Out - Wisteria, Late Lilac, Viburnum plicatum facade

Outside Top Garden looking in - Viburnum plicatum

Viburnum plicatum

Viburnum floret suspended . . . unintended catch

Tree Peony

Female Baltimore Oriole and nest

Tree Swallow in nestbox

 Hawthorns Crataegus

Looking up towards Top Garden . . . Fading Lilac (brown now soon to be cut) Magnolia ever bloomer

Miss Kim Lilac over towards 'Three Graces' Crabapples and weeping Japanese Maple

Tree Wisteria (somewhat) looking over towards sad old shed

Tiger Swallowtail sipping from Korean Lilac

Tiger Swallowtail drinking the last of the Lilac nectar

Days become longer
through sun and rain fog remains
casting crystal globes

Blossoms unfurling
bright blazing heat and rainfall
painting bloom parade

Reaching for summer
busy birds and butterflies
life of a garden

Suspended in time
flowers and being are one
grateful for this way

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