Monday, December 19, 2011

Mountains Dreaming Under Foggy Water Window Reflections Celebrations of Light

There is a blanket of dense blue-gray fog beyond Mount Tom . . . 

spreading east towards . . . 

the Mount Holyoke range . . . creating the illusion of mountains beneath water.

As the earth spins this part of the world towards the sun, bringing a new day, the fiery orb appears to be rising out of an ocean of watery fog. The Mount Holyoke Range seems to be solidly sleeping beneath the waves. 
For me, these images offer a haunting beauty . . . both peaceful and ominous.

Fresh light waves glow and fall like honey into our inner spaces . . .  that so delight in the warmth and reflections of the sun. It is a joy to behold each new singular sunrise and truly a celebration of light. 

Helleborus niger 'Christmas Rose'


Outdoors . . . Bluebirds are cheerfully chirping . . . welcoming the return of sun and essential heat. 
For those that celebrate . . . it is the week of Hanukkah and Christmas. If you still have last minute shopping to do, might you consider giving gifts to the wildlife around you. Bluebirds would greatly benefit from a safe shelter. A new Bluebird house for your garden is a delightful gift for anyone who loves birds and might just save the life of one of these dear creatures . . . especially if you live in the colder regions. In early mornings, I often see six or more flying out of one nest box. 

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your last minute preparations and safe travels to all. 

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